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Introduction - Why Plan, When You Can React?
The Comprehensive Plan
The Economic Develoment Strategy
Post Recession Economic Development
Future Trends in Economic Development
Redevelopment Agreements
Citizen Leaders
City Council / Village Board
Chairman Planning Commission / EDC 
Planning Commission / Economic Development Commission 
Staff Leaders
Planner / Economic Development Director
Public Works Director
Development Programs

Retention, Expansion, and Attraction
Smart Growth
Sustainable Development
Economic Development Incentives
Facade Improvement Programs
Downtown Development
Akumni Housing
One Page Plans
Green Sculpture Park
OGM - Other Goverments Money
Gift Catalog
Social Marketing

Case Studies and Proposals
Tinley Park Convention Center and Hotel
Warehouse District Redevelopment City of Peoria
Tax Increment Financing in Peoria
Transit Oriented Development
Build America Now
Eagle View Industrial Development

New Chapters

Beth Ruyle is a Partner in Ruyle Hullinger and Associates. She was formerly a Financial Advisor with Ehlers and Associates, where she undertook a myriad of projects in fiscal strategic planning, economic development, intergovernmental programs and public finance. She previously served as the Director of the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association for over twenty years. She led thirty eight municipalities in this Council of Governments in the development of plans and programs. Ruyle earned her Master Degree in Public Administration from the University of Georgia.  Contact her at: 
309 966 1616  
Chuck Eckenstahler (AICP & CED Retired), semi-retired in 2008 from a 35-year career as an active full-time municipal planning, economic development and real estate consultant.  He helped originate and teaches economic development subjects in the Certificate in Economic Development Program offered by the Graduate School of Business at Purdue North Central, Westville, Indiana and also serves on the faculty of the Lowell Stahl Center for Commercial Real Estate Studies at Lewis University, Oakbrook Illinois. Contact him at:

Craig Hullinger AICP has 35 years of experience in economic development, city planning, and transportation planning. He is a Partner in the consulting firm of Ruyle Hullinger and Associates. He was formerly the Economic Development Director of Peoria, the Director of Land Use for Will County, and the Village Manager of Olympia Fields, Minooka, and University Park. He is member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, a Vietnam Veteran, and is a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve. Contact him at:
309 634 5557

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A printed book that I helped write:


With a particular emphasis on the Rust Belt of the American Midwest, SynergiCity argues that cities such as Detroit, St. Louis, and Peoria must redefine themselves to be globally competitive. This revitalization is possible through environmentally and economically sustainable restoration of industrial areas and warehouse districts for commercial, research, light industrial, and residential uses. The volume's expert researchers, urban planners, and architects draw on the redevelopment successes of other major cities--such as the American Tobacco District in Durham, North Carolina, and the Milwaukee River Greenway--to set guidelines and goals for reinventing and revitalizing the postindustrial landscape.

Contributors are Paul J. Armstrong, Donald K. Carter, Lynne M. Dearborn, Norman W. Garrick, Mark L. Gillem, Robert Greenstreet, Craig Harlan Hullinger, Paul Hardin Kapp, Ray Lees, Emil Malizia, John O. Norquist, Christine Scott Thomson, and James H. Wasley.

"Instead of handing over neighborhoods to city hall or private developers, this book shows that the solution to many cities' plights lies within them. Empowering residents to take control of and build on community assets, engaging them in community-based organizations that can spearhead revitalization and build real quality of place, yields real results. To the extent that they adopt a holistic approach to planning and build on a city's intrinsic strengths, they can accomplish miracles."--from the foreword by Richard Florida
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* Full Disclosure - Ray Lees and I wrote a chapter.
Craig Harlan Hullinger AICP